Introducing Grooming Starter Kits

If you’ve ever been wondering what you need to style your hair, then look no further. Here’s our guide to the ultimate Grooming Starter Kit.

What you'll need:

  • Styling Product
  • Degreaser Shampoo
  • Everyday Conditioner
  • Pocket Comb

Our mission at Uppercut Deluxe is to get guys across the world looking their best. We've put these kits together and a discounted price making Grooming more affordable than ever!


Uppercut Deluxe Grooming Starter Kit Uppercut Deluxe Matte Pomade Grooming Starter Kit
Ask any barber and they will tell you that styling your hair is much easier when it’s been freshly washed and is product free. Having fresh and clean hair means that the styling products can do exactly what they were intended for, without being tainted by old product build up or oils present in the hair.

If you are wanting a product to clean your hair, there is nothing better on the market than Uppercut Deluxe Degreaser Shampoo. Degreaser is a revolutionary product specifically designed to remove even the toughest styling product build up.

Once your hair is washed, it is important to look after it. Uppercut Deluxe Everyday Conditioner contains ingredients that gently moisturize and protect hair, infused with Olive Leaf extract this shampoo will invigorate and soothe your hair. Topped off with a Peppermint scent this stuff is so good you will want to eat it.

Of course, every Grooming Kit needs a styling product. Our Grooming Kits come in both a Deluxe and Matte Pomade variation. These are our two best selling Pomades, both are very easy friendly and a good starting point to the novice groomer, but also stand up to the tests of professional barbers.

Deluxe Pomade is a high shine, strong hold water based product designed for classic looks like side parts and slick backs.

Matte Pomade is a no shine, medium hold product that is a great option for modern takes on classic looks.

If you’re not too sure what version would be best for you, check out our Product Selection Guide.

Last but not least is the trusty CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb. This comb is our go to for styling – it’s got fine teeth on one end and wider teeth on the other making it a versatile styling tool. Made out of hardwearing acetate, you won’t ever have to buy a comb again.

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