Dane Hesse

Dane Hesse, aka Pig Barber, is head barber at his Eagle and Pig barbershop in Costa Mesa, California, where he combines all of his favourite things: old cars, tattoos, motorcycles, handiwork, good beer, whiskey, and surfing.

About Dane Hesse:
After moving to Costa Mesa and completing a degree in history and political science, Dane pondered his prospective career opportunities and eventually couldn't go past the potential of a career of barbering. He then went off to the Real Barber's College in Anaheim, and graduated in 2009.
To gain some valuable experience, Dane spent the following year honing his craft at a local barbershop and eventually opened his own unique shop in 2011, Eagle and Pig. He wanted to open a shop that combined his own style and interests, and create a place where you could get a fantastic haircut and always feel better when you leave.
Dane likes hanging out, having a beer and sharing stories, it's all about that community vibe and customer experience. You'll want to visit Eagle and Pig for a great haircut, but stick around for a chat and a drink.

Signature style: The running joke at Eagle and Pig is that Dane loves anything ‘high and tight’… and the shorter, the better. You can keep as much length on the top as you want.

Time with Uppercut Deluxe: Since the early days, right at the start. 

Why Uppercut Deluxe?

“I got into Uppercut Deluxe through my friend Tom,” he says. “I love that there’s a complete product line, so you can create many different styles. Uppercut Deluxe is so much better than what’s in the States for what I was looking for. I’d recommend any of the pomades – I can’t imagine using anything else.”