Men's Hair Pomade

Uppercut Deluxe takes a modern approach to men’s grooming without the fuss of salon brands. Each product is carefully crafted in collaboration with trusted & experienced barbers to ensure they perform as everyday hair essentials. From slick, structured styles using Deluxe Pomade, to the versatility of Matte Pomade, the Uppercut Deluxe range has you covered for all occasions. Inspired by timeless style, our customers have trusted us with their hair for over 15 years. Proudly crafted in Australia, each tin of pomade comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Shop what we believe is the best men’s hair pomade at Uppercut Deluxe and get them delivered to your door!


    Products Tailored For Every Hair Type and Style

    Our award-winning Matte Pomade offers a medium hold with a natural matte finish for effortless styling. Known for its versatility, Matte Pomade is perfect for both traditional and modern styles. Designed for the discerning guy, Deluxe Pomade is perfect for timeless, classic looks and has earned itself a cult following over the years.

    For those who value flexibility, our Water Based Pomades feature a strong or medium hold that washes out easily. Unlike traditional wax-based pomades like Monster Hold, water-based pomades are soluble and easier to rinse out. Our pomades are designed for a diverse range of hair types and styles. Each one of our professional-grade, quality hair products are crafted to enhance your style.


    Pomade is a hair styling product designed to help shape, define, and maintain a hairstyle. Traditional wax-based pomades provide hold and flexibility, allowing for style adjustments throughout the day. Modern water-based pomades ‘set’ the style in place without the need to re-work. Pomades offer various finishes from high shine to natural matte – for achieving both slick and modern textured styles.

    Yes, pomade can be used daily. Modern formulations are made with quality ingredients that won’t damage the hair or scalp. This makes them suitable for regular use without affecting the hair’s natural condition. Traditional wax-based pomades should be washed out daily with a thorough shampoo and conditioning routine to prevent heavy product build up.

    Yes, pomade can be taken on a plane. Our pomades and other styling products are available in travel-friendly sizes that comply with carry-on luggage regulations. However, it’s always a good idea to check the latest travel guidelines and restrictions to ensure compliance.