Emiliano Zermeno

Emiliano Zermeno was born into barbering, and for him, it was the obvious choice in future.

Leucadia Barbershop was first opened by his parents, Linda and Juan in 1996 and still to this day is run by the Zermeno family.

As a kid, when Emiliano wasn’t spending his time skateboarding he had to work holding the ‘Barber’ sign on the side of the road to draw patrons into the shop. He never thought working for the shop was cool, in fact, he kinda hated it. But at 17, things changed and Emiliano knew it was time to grow up.

Despite having new priorities, Emiliano’s love for skating never faded and realised that his best opton was to combine his love of barbering with his new found career choice. No matter how much Linda disagreed, Emiliano transformed the shop into something that represented his passion.

Linda might still think it looks like her sons bedroom, but Emiliano is right. It just works.

Signature Style: Anything faded or tapered

Time with Uppercut Deluxe: Leucadia has been a proud stockist of Uppercut Deluxe for over 8 years now, and was one of the first Barbershops in the United States to carry the line.

Why Uppercut Deluxe? The family. A lot of the people – like Shane Nesbitt, Ron Talley and Dane Hesse - that have inspired Emiliano in his career have been apart of the Uppercut Deluxe family.