JJ Wessels

JJ Wessels is a Californian guy, amazing surfer, motorcycle enthusiast and an all round legend. Inspired by his father, he rides motorcycles, enjoys working with his hands, shaping surfboards and just having a good time. He's always been creative, with an interest in old things.

Find him:
When he's not chasing adventure, JJ can be found at the beach in California, surfing, shaping boards, taking photos, or doing something creative.

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About JJ:
At the forefront of the surf culture resurgence in the USA, JJ firmly believes in the lifestyle of surfing, it's not just a sport to him. He knows that surf culture is open to everyone, even non-surfers. Swell blog quotes JJ as saying, People who don't really surf, but someone that works with their hands, builds something and goes and uses it. Builds like a car, or bike, or skateboard or whatever it would be, I can look at that at those guys and think that's rad, and I can identify with that.

Signature style:
JJ likes a textured side part.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?
JJ effortlessly embodies the brand's timeless yet modern approach to men's grooming, and shares Uppercut's passion for quality and style. His involvement in the design of great surf and skate clothing means he's bang on trend, and knows what's what in guy's fashion.