Ron Talley

Ron Talley is Barber and Co-Owner of Electric Barbershop in Riverside California.

Born in Houston TX, but a raised as a Cali-kid from a young age. He now calls Riverside home along with his wife and young son.
Interestingly - Ron's Grandmother was barber in LA during the 60's, and his Uncle owned and operated a Barbershop in Bakersfield after returning from WWII. But it wasn't family legacy or tradition that inspired his career choices. Like so many Barbers out there, Ron's interest in the trade developed simply from time spent in the barbershop as a client. He would visit his local barber ever couple of weeks and admired the atmosphere that the barbershop cultivated. When he was laid off from his job in construction Ron turned to Barbering and dove straight into his college training. Head down, bum and up and very little money in his pockets Ron admits that he was glad to see the end of his college days.

Wasting no time at all he rolled straight into the workforce, skilled and hungry to learn more. Now seven years after completing his training Ron has gathered a wealth knowledge and experience from a variety of shops throughout California and Nashville. It wasn't until late 2016 that Ron and his soon-to-be business partner Roman Ybanez stumbled across a vacant building in Riverside CA with For Lease sign hanging from the front door.
By January 2017 they had opened the doors to Electric Barbershop, a full service barbershop with customer service that's second to none, Ron's is a widely respected barber, a good business man, an extremely humble individual and a welcome addition to the Uppercut Deluxe family.

Signature Style:
Ron’s has a real affinity with the classics, his style is a true reflection of traditional American barbering at its finest. If you’ve ever seen Ron’s Instagram you’ll now that he loves a traditional side part or slick back, often faded down to the skin and styled with a generous amount of Deluxe Pomade of Monster Hold. Once the product is applied the Ron Talley signature comb lines come out. I challenge you to find a hair out of place on one of Ron’s cuts. Good luck because his attention to detail borders on fanatical.

Time with Uppercut Deluxe:
Ron has been a fan of the product for quite some time now, having styled many a client with the Uppercut Deluxe range over the past 4 years. Ron officially joined the team in early 2016.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?
Originally drawn to branding on the range of tins, Ron tired out the full range of products and soon realised that the quality of product and ingredients matched what he saw on the tins. The connection doesn’t just stop at product though, Ron’s lifestyle outside of work revolves around family, motorcycles and good times, so his fit with the brand extends beyond his skills as a barber.