Scotty Stopnik

Coming from Huntington Beach, California, Scotty Stopnik is a motocycle fanatic and spends most of his time building, riding, and crashing two wheeled machines. While Scotty's passionate about surfing, skating and music, it's his love of bikes that's captured the world's attention.

Find him:
In his local, family owned Cycle Zombies garage at Costa Mesa, California.

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About Scotty:
Working with this brother Chris Turkey, Stopnik and father Big Scott Stopnik, Scotty rebuilds classic motorcycles in the Cycle Zombies garage a local garage that's attracted a global following. His love of bikes led to an impressive collection of motorcycle parts, and a knack for giving new life to old motorcycles. He doesn't want to reinvent the bikes just restore them to their former glory with a new twist. Other items in his shed include a range of taxidermy animals, because taxidermy art is really hard to do right. Scotty is also a talented surfer and skater, so can often be found catching up with good buddy and fellow Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador JJ Wessels at one of the many epic surf spots along the southern Cali coastline.

Signature style:
Scotty Stopnik can usually be found wearing a modern, textured slick back, when he's not hiding it under a helmet.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?
A genuine guy with loads of style and creative flair, Scotty is super excited to be working with us on some projects! As he says, The future is looking good with some new stuff in the works.