Tim 'Hutto' Hutton

Uppercut Deluxe Welcomes Tim 'Hutto' Hutton from Uppercut Deluxe on Vimeo.

Uppercut Deluxe is proud to welcome Tim ‘Hutto’ Hutton, owner of Hutto’s Barbershop, to the Barber Ambassador team.

Tim has always been an advocate of Uppercut Deluxe, being an avid fan of the product prior to becoming a barber he appreciated the quality and versatility in the range.

Residing in Adelaide, Australia, Hutto always had an interest in becoming a barber and finally pursued the dream at the age of 26. Hutto was one of the first qualified barbers in South Australia and drew inspiration from other barbers around the world. Hutto idolizes Barbers that are not only known for their top-notch cuts, but also for the quality of their service – those like Shane Nesbitt, Luke Dolan, Tommy J and Mike Conti.

Through hours of practice and an absolute dedication to the industry, Hutto rose through the ranks and is now considered to be one of Australia’s premier barbers.

Hutto’s Barbershop first opened in 2017 and offers a unique space where all walks of life can feel comfortable in. Priding himself on a high level of service, Tim loves hearing a new story and providing the best experience to his clients - after all that’s what Barbering is all about

Signature style: Tim loves to keep things neat with his go to being anything tapered and a super clean line up.

Time with Uppercut Deluxe: From user to barber Tim has always been a fan of the brand with his first tin being the unique and iconic, Deluxe Pomade. Now as a barber he appreciates the versatility and ease the range offers both consumers and barbers.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?

“I truly believe in Uppercut Deluxe and feel so comfortable recommending Uppercut Deluxe to customers knowing that they are getting a quality product. Uppercut Deluxe not only offers a range of versatility for the consumer, but also listens to what the barbers in the industry want and tailors towards that”