TJ Guzzardi

TJ Guzzardi is an incredibly talented artist who specialises in the old world trade of hand-painted sign writing and pin-striping. An old soul at heart who's work and personal style are reminiscent of a bygone era.

Find him:
Working in his studio in Tullamarine, Melbourne Australia.

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About TJ:
TJ was 15 years old when he first picked up a paint brush, and after being inspired by the old-time lifestyle of his hot rod-loving family. Since then, TJ has worked tirelessly to master his craft, and he is now well known for his unique designs, artistic talent and commitment to hard work. His medium? Well TJ can turn anything into a piece of art, his mediums are vast and varied and include motorcycle helmets, rusty saws, wooden boards, suitcases, milk jugs anything with vintage appeal, and of course he is well versed in more traditional work like pin-striping on cars and bikes.

Signature style:
TJ runs a side parted slickback styled with Matt Pomade in conjunction with his signature moustache.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?
Uppercut Deluxe was heavily influenced by the 1950?s Barbershop and the timeless style that they represented. TJ embodies these same qualities in both his work and his style, making his fit with the brand truly organic.