Yoshiharu Asada

Full name:
Yoshiharu Asada

Where is your shop located?
Nagoya in Japan

When did your shop open?
Barbers Point, Nagoya in September 2020. Barbers Point, Seven Pines in August 2023

How long have you been cutting hair?
About 24 years

How did you first hear about Uppercut Deluxe?
I found it on Instagram in 2014

How long have you used Uppercut Deluxe products for in the barbershop?
I started to sell them since 2016

What makes your shop special to you?
I took after my grandfather’s barber shop from my mother about 13 years ago. It was little small so I went out on my own and started “BARBERS POINT” in 2020. Now, I have 7 great staff members in my 2 barber shops. Working with them is the most special thing to me, actually.

What is your signature haircut/hairstyle?
Nothing particular, but I like both classic and perm styles. Because most of Japanese people’s hair is so straight.

Do you have a message you would like to share with the people reading this?
It would be great if you have any chances to visit us in Nagoya. We’re all looking forward to seeing you!