2017 Wrap Up

2017 was a big year for us at Uppercut Deluxe. We thought we’d share some of our highlights, enjoy the wrap up.

Expanding the Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador Team

Jim 'Buster' Culling

We we’re lucky enough to introduce Jim ‘Buster’ Culling as our first UK-based lifestyle Ambassador. Jim is a hard-working blue-collar Brit but he’s had some very different influences to your standard English ‘Lad’. Jim is genuinely passionate about the American classics; Redwing boots, vintage bomber jackets and the Californian short back and sides.

George Coady

George is a super talented, and relatively new face in barbering. A permanent fixture at the well-regarded UK barbershop Folsom Barber Club in Birmingham. Having only been behind the chair for roughly 5 years, George has proven himself to be an extremely quick learner. The secret to quick success? Never stop learning, never stop evolving.

Mason Dyer

Mason is a true master of DIY and one of the humblest guys you will ever meet. A talented surfboard shaper and clothing designer, he spends his downtime building cards and collecting WWII nostalgia. His Model A Roadster is a true work of art.

James Reichwein

James Reichwein, aka ‘Jimmy the Tulip’, is a barber and Co-owner of Cut Throat, Amsterdam, and Good Vibes Only, Ibiza. We were stoked to announce his appointment as an Uppercut Deluxe Barber Ambassador.

Ron Talley

Another Barber proudly added to our ranks in 2017 was Ron Talley. Co-owner of Electric Barbershop in Riverside, California, Ron is a widely respected barber, business man and humble individual.

New Products

Easy Hold

Launching Easy Hold was a huge highlight for us. We wanted to answer calls for a lighter, less obvious product. With over 2 years of testing and perfecting, Easy Hold was born. It’s the lightest product in the Uppercut Deluxe range and offers a natural, matt finish. Easy Hold creates texture, volume and control with little visible sign of product, delivering a fuss free style solution. We’re stoked on the product and our Global Barber Ambassadors are too. Here’s what they had to say.

Wash Range

We believe all things worth doing, are worth doing well and that trusting the process works. It’s a definite truth that washed and conditioned hair makes styling easier and ends in a better result. Fittingly, in 2017 we revamped our Wash Range with the help of Australian Tattooist, Scott Shannon.

Killer Collaborations

California Dreams

California Dreams is a short film by friend of Uppercut Deluxe, Tim Caraco. Three mates battle blistering heat, breakdowns and a burning chopper.

Barbershops of America

Last but not least, allow us to revisit 'Barbershops of America' a Photographic Essay by Rob Hammer. Rob spent the better part of three years visiting all 50 states in search of the barbershops that established the trade as we know it today. In the age of social media and self-promotion, it can be easy to lose sight of the true identity of barbering. A timeless trade that combines creativity and customer service into a true art form. Rob's imagery captures the essence of the craft in its purest form.