Barbers of the Month: Bondafide Barbershop

Barbershop: Bonafide Barbershop

Location: Dallas, Texas


Instagram handle: @bonafide_barber_shop

How would you describe your shop’s vibe?

We’ve been told it’s a very welcoming vibe. Everyone talking and laughing while enjoying a beer and whiskey during your haircut. Guys come in and forget about their day and relax.

What’s the most popular cut in the shop at the moment?

I would say tight on the sides with disconnected textured top

What’s the favourite Uppercut Deluxe product?

Deluxe Pomade, Matte Pomade or Styling Powder

Who is the favourite artist to spin in the shop?

We listen to a lot of Rock and Metal. So High on Fire, Pantera or Queens of the Stone Age.

Who is the shop’s biggest barbering influence?

Shane Nesbitt, the guys at Figaroa Barbershop, we all look around at each other to constantly better ourselves

What product do you use the most of?

Probably still Deluxe Pomade

What’s the shop’s favourite style to cut?

We get all walks of life coming to the shop so really anything from bald fades to men’s mid length all shear haircuts