Barbers of the Month: Hard Grind

Barbers of the Month - Hard Grind

Barbershop: Hard Grind

Locations: 18B Exchange St, Dundee DD1 3DL, United Kingdom


Instagram Handle@hardgrind_

How would you describe your shop’s vibe? 

We’ve tailored the old school traditional vibe with the modern-day. Infusing our loves of cuts, clothing and coffee all under one roof.

What’s your most popular cut at the moment?

We’re starting to see a lot more length coming through and longer styles but very much still asked for skin fades, textured cuts or crops right now.

What’s your favourite Uppercut Deluxe product?

We are loving the Styling Powder and Salt Spray right now. They are such an amazing combo to create those textured cuts we’re popular with at the minute but can also be used in longer styles for a nice loose, surfer finish.

Who is your favourite artist to spin in the shop?

We switch it up a lot from Beach Boys to Creeper, Ice Cube to Goldfinger. I couldn’t even pick a favourite.

What’s the best tip for someone visiting your area?

There is so much art and culture its definitely worth staying for the weekend to check out the area. The V&A Museum & Macmanus Galleries are a must see along with some amazing food spots along the Waterfront & Westend. Take a small trip to the outskirts though and see things like Broughty Castle or the country parks are just stunning.

What the best advice for your client before walking in?

Come with plenty time to enjoy and soak up the experience. We have a full café ( Daily Grind Coffee CO ) under the same roof. The menu was created by a Master Chef winner. We have drinks, coffees, shakes and even beer on draft from our sponsors BrewDog We have outdoor seating as well to enjoy plus arcade machines, PS4 and Table Football. We are far more than just a barbershop.

Who is your biggest barbering influence?

I’m always inspired by personality and passion more than just talent. Alan Beak, Vikki Smith, Ryan Cullen & Z Ramsey are a few of my favourites but there are genuinely so many out there who help inspire and influence me.