Barbers of the Month: Lefty's Barbershops

1339 Garnett Avenue and 922 Turquoise Street, both in San Diego, California


How would you describe the vibe of your shop?
Let’s just say you are guaranteed leaving our shop laughing.  We all know way too much about one another and the stories are endless and nothing is off limits.

Have any Uppercut Deluxe product tips?
It’s scientifically proven that 10/10 women prefer a man wearing Uppercut Deluxe products. It also cures rattlesnake bites (not scientifically proven).

Any tips for someone visiting the area? 
Try the Tacos.

Who is your biggest barbering influence?
I’d have to say that Shane Nesbitt and Pugsly are two of my biggest influences. Not only are they amazing barbers, but they both run successful barbershops that carry on the tradition that we try to uphold at Lefty’s. Stay up to date with the Lefty's crew, here.