Barbers of the Month: Lincoln Barbershop

Barbershop: Lincoln Barbershop

Location: Lorient, France


Instagram handle: @lincoln_barbershop


How would you describe your shop’s vibe?

The shop has a pretty chic and relax vibe at the same time, some dub or reggae on the background, young and smiling team and all perfectionists giving high quality services.

What’s the most popular cut in the shop at the moment?

Our most popular cut at the moment is definitely the short crop with a zero fade back and side cut with a foiler.

Tell us something we don’t know about Uppercut Deluxe products?

Something you guys might haven’t try yet is to mix the Beard Balm with a drop a Beard Oil to get a less strong fixation.

What’s the favourite Uppercut Deluxe products?

Favorite Uppercut product is definitely the Easy Hold, we use it on dry or wet hair for messy or naturals looks. We just love it!

What’s the best tip for someone visiting the area?

Best tip for someone visiting the area is to get a surf board and get into it, wave are freaking great around here!