Barbers of the Month: M Barber

M Barber Manly

Barbershop:  M Barber

Location: Shop 2/22 A Darley Road Manly NSW 2095  


Instagram handle:@mbarbermanly/

How would you describe your shop’s vibe?  

The shop's vibe is about being an everything and every one type of barbers. Many shops go for a style and/or a theme but we try to make everyone feel they can walk in and get what they want. We want all people, be they local or not, to feel comfortable and welcome. Not to forget a team vibe. 

What’s your most popular cut at the moment?

The most popular cut at the moment would be Covid Crop or a tidy up as a lot of guys are giving longer styles a run at the moment.

Who is your favourite artist to spin in the shop?  

With such a mix of personalities working at M Barber we rotate the control of the tunes daily. One day we could be playing Pink Floyd, Pillow Queens or DMAS, the next day Booker T & the MGS, Orbital or Underworld! 

What’s the best tip for someone visiting your area?

The best tip for someone visiting Manly is, get in the water!

Who is your biggest barbering influence?

This is going to sound suckish but…… my biggest influence in barbering are the guys that I work with. Through the last few months in particular. when things looked bad with the lockdown we came together to keep everyone’s job safe and the future of the shop a priority.

In our industry people are transient and I’ve been very lucky to have longevity with so many guys that work with me. They did the shop and themselves proud. 

Why did you get into Barbering?

I got into barbering as it is a social trade and so if you like people and learning from them it was the job for me, I thought. 

Also, the cliché that you can work anywhere in the world even if you can’t speak the local language. Barbering has been very very good to me.