Barbers of the Month: The Barbers Bru

Barbershop: The Barbers Bru

Location: David St, Albury

Instagram handle: @thebarbersbru

How would you describe your shop’s vibe? 

We’re a modern contemporary feel shop with old school skills and values. We pride ourselves on an upbeat man cave vibe. 

What’s your most popular cut at the moment? 

The most popular cut now is definitely a skin fade with beard line out and taper (where applicable)

What’s your favourite Uppercut Deluxe products? 

The Matte Pomade, it has a strong hold, matte finish and a versatility through many hairstyles.

What product do you use the most of? 

It would be a split between the Featherweight and the Matte Pomade! 

What’s your favourite style to cut? 

I have to admit I really enjoy cutting a textured crop, I love the broken texture and the way you can personalise each and every client. 

What the best advice for your client before walking in? 

Be ready to leave your troubles at the door, the next 30 mins is all about you!

Who is your biggest barbering influence? 

There would be so many! However, I fully idolise the guys from the 40s/50s for their dedication, perfection and attention to detail. 

Why did you get into barbering?

When I was a kid my grandfather always took me to the barbers. It was ‘our thing’ I remember them always looking so sharp and they were well respected. It was a place where young boys were treated like men. I really enjoyed every single visit and I want to recreate that for every child!