Barbers of the Month: Uncle Reeko's Barbershop

Uncle Reeko's Barbershop

Barbershop: Uncle Reeko's Barbershop

Location: Shop 11/12 Reef St, Gympie QLD 4570

Handle: @uncle.reekos.barbershop


Located in Gympie, just north of the Sunshine Coast, is Uncle Reeko's Barbershop. While the space is only small, the owner Reece, has managed to create something that most would be jealous of. The most admirable bit; he opened up the shop right at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But despite that, Reece proved that hard work pays off with Uncle Reeko's quickly becoming a popular haunt for the locals. While the works not all done yet, Reece has his priorities straight.

“I know the shop will go through a few changes throughout the years because I can’t leave anything alone, but it’s always going to have that traditional atmosphere, my main priority is to make sure the customer is always welcome, comfortable, and walking out with the best possible service that we could provide.” Says Reece

At the tender age of 25, Reece is kicking goals but praises his mentors for pushing him in the right direction. His Brother-in law was responsible for getting him into the trade and a former boss encouraging him to go out and set up a shop on his own.

Outside of work, Reece keeps busy with spending time with his young family and working on an old shovelhead.

If you ever find yourself in Gympie, pay a visit to Uncle Reeko's.