BLACK PLAGUE - Uppercut Deluxe

Recently Black Plague Brewery and Beer Savage put their diabolical minds together to create a limited edition Happy Pilsner beer. To celebrate their new collaborative creation, they threw a release party; and Uppercut Deluxe was on the bill.

Now, if you have never been to Black Plague Brewery, then we highly recommend you pay them a visit. Not only do they have a huge space that’s complete with shuffle board, giant Jenga, and a stage for live music, (not to mention the guillotine) they have amazing beer to back it. They pulled out all the stops for this one. Live music, food trucks, mobile tattoo shop, ramp jam, the list goes on, but you get the point.

We parked the Cut Bus in the parking lot and set up our shop, and the minute we were open for business we had our first guy in the chair. Our promotion that we run at any pop up shop is simple; buy a tin, get a free cut. So it is no wonder why people flock to us at events. We are always happy to see the variety of customers that we get at these events.

We had people from ages 19-70 buying product and getting cuts. That just goes to show that when you have a good product, it doesn’t just speak to small demographic, but appeals to anyone looking for good quality.

To man the chairs in the Cut Bus, we had our very own Dane Hesse (The Pig Barber) and Emiliano Zermeno. Both of these guys are great barbers and we had nothing but happy customers the whole day. The beer might’ve had something to do with that, but we’ll just say it was because of the great cuts. Between the haircuts and tattoos, people were going home that night completely transformed. This event was another solid chance for us to connect face to face with our customers and give them a true experience of what our brand is about. If you are bummed that you missed out on this one, keep an eye out on our Instagram for where the Cut Bus will be next!