Catching up with Nas Sobhani AKA The Streets Barber

We recently caught up with Nas Sobhani, better known as The Streets Barber to see how he has been dealing with COVID imposed lockdowns and all the things he has been up to.

We're proud to have Nas as part of the Collective. Nas is one of the kindest and most generous people we have been lucky enough to work with, devoting his time to benefit the community in any way that he can.

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Catching up with Nas Sobhani

What’s your favorite part about being a barber?

The fact that I have the opportunity to be of service and assistance to my clients every time they take a seat in the chair.

What inspired you to become a barber?

I would always cut hair for my friends, it was just something that fell into my lap. 

There was no specific time that I saw or thought "that guys cool I want to become a barber”.

I picked up clippers in middle school and high school and began cutting my friend's hair, ever since have become the unofficial or official barber of the crew. As I got older I started to take it more seriously, everything started working out and I guess it was just mean to be.

What do you like to do outside of the shop? Hobby’s?

My Hobbies outside of the shop is no doubt Basketball, I'm a basketball fiend. 

Besides Basketball my hobby/passion is to serve or be of service to the community no matter what. I like to donate my time and give back to the community whether that's cutting on the streets or in the prisons wherever it may be.

What’s the most useless talent you have?

It would be the fact that I can recognize a beat from any song and know where the samples from, whether it is the name of the song or where it has come from. Generally, 9 times out of 10 you play an old 60’s RNB song and ill know what hip hop song it's from, so yeah that's my party trick.

What hairstyle will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes?

A hairstyle that will always stay in style no matter how much time passes, I think would be the side part, that's a classic. Guys were repping that cut 100 years ago and you can still guys repping that cut today. It's just a timeless cut, it may not necessarily be the most used cut but there's always a cycle back. This is a very standard cut for weddings and big events, people like to have something sharp and professional so this is always going to be their go-to.

I am only basing that on what I've seen over the years and seen before my years as well through photos.

What was cool when you were young but isn’t cool now?

Disobeying that law, getting high, being rebellious and not listening to my parents.

What music is your go-to for the shop?

Reggae and Hip Hop

What current trend do you hope will go on for a long time?

I’m going to step outside of the obvious answer of hair and beard and go more so the way that society is being, specifically in regards to being more socially, politically, racially etc conscious and aware. I feel like that's a trend thats been happening more recently and I hope it continues. People are starting to care more about where people are from, the colour of their skin and what they are all about so that's basically what I'm trying to accomplish. 

Where’s your go-to restaurant?

My go-to Restaurant would be Kebab G in Geelong, even though its a kebab joint with a lot of meat the owner has made vegan options available! He has all heart and shares it with all his customers, KEBAB G for the win!

Last meal on earth, what are you having?

Even though I am Vegan my last meal if I was to ever have it would have to be this creamy Shrimp Taco that I had in the heart of Los Angeles. The Taco had 4 different cheese, with rice and beans I can’t even explain that was one of the best things I’ve ever had in my life….. and a fat fat plate of curly fries with chicken salt on the side.

What’s the worst hairstyle you’ve ever had?

This one time I was trying to grow this rats tail so I would cut my own hair but I would basically leave a square patch at the back of my head but it was never really even and it never really flowed. It was very much the definition of the home budget job, it wasn’t even a nice rats tail it was just more hair.

Who’s your barber?

Whoever can cut my hair at the time, I’m not very picky with who cuts my hair.