Disconnected Throwback - How To Cut

A slick back is an all time classic. From war time heroes to 30′s gangsters. Its been around a long time and its going nowhere. The best bit, barbers like Chris Brownless have stepped up the game and added modern tools and techniques to the mix – so meet the Disconnected Throwback.

Inspired heavily by the old school slick back, this modern twist on a classic is a style we’re seeing all over the globe. Its a style that guys are wearing in between their slick days, when they want something a little more relaxed and easy. It can be worn high with heaps of texture, or low and controlled.

It's a hard one to get right – lots of complex techniques involved to get the finish just right. The fade has to be just high enough; the length on the top needs to be perfect to meet with the fade; the clipper work along the sides needs to go high enough and straight enough to look clean.

We know it's not easy – so sit back and watch Chris Brownless show you the tricks of the trade to achieve this killer look. He’s one talented barber…


Why Choose Uppercut Deluxe Matte Pomade? Different guys have different styles. Even sometimes, the same guys want different styles. Depending on the occasion, the day or just because, a new fresh look is sometimes all you need to hold true to your own purpose.

We heard this loud and clear from our millions of devoted Uppercut Deluxe users across the globe – you wanted one product that could do it all. Textured, slick, rough, high – you name it. You wanted a product that could make you look slick and controlled, while also something that could look modern and textured. Well, we delivered. We made a product that ticks all the boxes. With just the right amount of grip to give texture, just the right amount of hold to give control and with all the shine stripped back to give the most natural of Matte finishes.

We’re super excited by this product. Its a real gamechanger for the industry and something we know you’re going to love. Give it a go and let us know and post your favourite look to our Instagram Page. This product is also a way of us giving something back to barbering. The only place you can buy it will be in your favourite barbershop or through uppercutdeluxe.com - its that good we only want the best of the best to get their hands on it.