Easy Slick Back - How To Cut

The Pompadour, or Pomp for short, is a hairstyle that has proven to be timeless since its conception in the 1700’s. The Pomp’s styling principles have always remained the same, and it has become a popular men’s hairstyle in recent times. Barbers of today combine the Pomp’s original styling technique with short back and sides, to create what is now known as the Easy Slick Back. This look can be styled in various ways, but it is most commonly worn high, with hair slicked back from the fringe area to the back of the head. The Pomp element brings height and definition to this style, whilst the slick back gives it a refined and sleek finish.

How To Cut An Easy Slick Back

To get the most out of this style, hair needs to have length through the top section, as well as the fringe. Secondly, the back and sides need to be finely sculpted using the clipper over comb technique, to ensure an even fade from bottom to top, leaving slightly more length in the hair as you move upward. This creates a tight look, with the styling of the Easy complementing the smooth finish of the slick back. Very refined and with a tidy finish, this look leaves no hair out of place.

Why Choose Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight?

Different styles and types of hair call for different styling products, which is why Uppercut Deluxe designed a range to suit various men’s haircuts, from short and textured looks, to long and refined styles.

Featherweight is one of the most versatile Uppercut Deluxe products, in relation to the wide array of hairstyles it can help to create. It provides plenty of texture and tack, with medium hold and a matt finish, making it ideal for both short and long hair. Featherweight wax also has a light lemongrass scent and is water soluble, so it can easily be washed out and reapplied as many times as you need.

Wholesaler Application

Uppercut Deluxe was made for barbers, by barbers, so we know what you need. All of our waxes have been specially formulated to provide barbers with the best styling products on the market. If you’re considering Uppercut Deluxe for your barbershop, please contact us here.