Featured Style: Classic Side Part

If you’re a fan of Uppercut Deluxe and keep up to date with us on our socials, you’ll know there aren’t many styles we like more than a nice, tight traditional Side Part.

The Side Part hairstyle is a classic from the barbershop, worn by men all over the world for years.

A Side Part consists of the hair being combed over to one side, with the pair parted – hence the name ‘Side Part’.

Uppercut Deluxe | Classic Side Part with Fade

This particular cut was done by Charlie Venn, an Uppercut Deluxe Collective Member, and owner of Lucky Sevens Barbershop. Charlie has paired this combed overlook with a fade and dressed the cut in a generous coat of Monster Hold.

If you’re wanting to recreate a Side Part hairstyle at home, check out these tips.


As always, we recommend washing your hair before styling. Give your hair a shampoo using Degreaser to remove any product build-up, then follow it with Uppercut Deluxe Conditioner to keep your hair nice and healthy. Once washed, give your hair a thorough towel dry.

Take a fingernail-sized scoop of Monster Hold from the tin, spread it across your hands until it has emulsified. Run your hands through your hair to apply the product to your hair.

To begin styling, take your CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb and comb all of your hair forwards. Next, find a combline that will act as your side part, set your comb there.

With your spare hand, hold down the short side of your hair. While holding this down, comb your hair across.

Next, comb your fringe into the desired position.

If needed, take another small amount of Monster Hold and spread it across your hands.

Run your hands and fingers through your hair, following the style you had previously set. Use the sides of your hands to set the part line.

Hold the longer side down, then comb the short side into position.

Next, comb your hair back across. Finally, comb your fringe into position.

While it was a little bit of work, your hair should now be dialled.