Featured Style: Long Trim Pompadour with Jelly Roll

Add some flair to the average Pomp with a Jelly Roll

If you haven’t heard, the UK has been in lockdown from March, with all Barber doors forced to shut. But finally, the date is set!

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has given the nod and said he’ll allow it! The rumours are true. UK barbershops will open on the 4th of July. We are absolutely stoked for UK barbers and customers alike!

Now before you frantically speed dial your barber and take the next available spot for your long-forgotten fortnightly skin fade maybe pump the breaks for a hot minute and consider using some of that lockdown given length for an alternative style.

Take some inspiration from - Wez Jones from @THBC_barbershop with this rad chop and style, keeping some mileage up top and throwing it back as a long trim pompadour paired with very tidy beard el naturale.

Long Trim Pompadour with Jelly Roll

Wez calls this out as one of his go-to styles in the shop. His aim is to deliver a versatile haircut that works for all occasions. A style you can wear messy, slicked back or even casually thrown forward. A quality cut that can be styled a million different ways. 

If you’re not familiar with Wez’s Shop; The Heartbreak Club, then we’d highly recommended checking them out. When asked how to describe his shop's vibe, Wez summarises the feel of the space as; ‘If an 80’s Christian Bale liked to skateboard and keep himself looking good whilst also moonlighting as a glam rock artist, he would hang out at the Heart Break Club’ . 

The shop itself has a clean minimalist approach on an 80’s style aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the subcultures of skating, classic motorcycles and alternative rock and metal music. The shop is an authentically cool space where anyone and everyone is welcome. 

If you’re ever on the east coast of the UK and looking for a clean-up, Wez is your guy. 

If you’re looking to recreate this style at home, you’ll need a tin of Monster Hold, a Quiff Roller and some Salt Spray. You'll also want to have some Degreaser on hand to help remove the Monster Hold at the end of the day.

Starting with freshly washed and towel-dried hair. Generously spray Salt Spray all over your hair and give it a quick brush with your Quiff Roller to ensure each hair is coated. Using Salt Spray as a pre-styling product is going to add some much-needed control and volume when blow-drying, not to mention, will protect your hair from the heat your about to apply.

To achieve this style, you’ll be relying on your blow-drying skills. Set your blow dryer to a low/medium heat and use the Quiff Roller to direct the hair backwards. To help create volume, roll sections of your hair around the Quiff Roller and pull upwards, creating tension, and hit it with the blow dryer. This will help guide the hair into shape.

Once you’ve got your hair directed backwards with some lift in the front, you’ve achieved the basic Pomp shape. To add a little something extra, work the sides of your hair with a little extra roll on the Quiff Roller to create a rounder shape.

Next, take a generous scoop of Monster Hold from the tin. Being a wax-based product, Monster Hold can be a bit stubborn, to make it a little easier to work with, use your hairdryer to heat the product slightly. Vigorously warm the product in your hands until it has emulsified.

Then, gently begin running your fingertips through your hair, careful not to ruin the shape. As the product begins to spread through the hair, you can increase the pressure you apply.

At this point, you’re pretty much there, you’re just going to add the finishing touches.

Take your Quiff Roller and give your hair a gentle comb, following the style you’ve created. Finally, if you’re up to it, select a strand of hair from your fringe, twist it around your Quiff Roller and gently blow dry it. This will create the Greaser style roll at the front.

Monster Hold has some serious hold, meaning your hair will hold strong all day but can be tough to wash out. We would recommend having some Degreaser on hand so you can easily wash it out and keep your hair fresh and ready for styling the next day. 

Why use a Wax Based Pomade?

Wax Based Pomades, like Monster Hold, are what your Grandfather would have used back in the day. Generally, they come with plenty of hold and a nice shine, however, are tough as nails to remove and have had their popularity stolen by water-based alternatives. However, we still think they have their place. Here's a few reasons why;

  • Offer Strong Hold without 'setting'
  • Remain recombable throughout the day
  • Don't set or go 'crunchy'
  • Won't flake
  • Doesn't wash out with water alone
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Offer a natural, high shine finish