Featured Style: Modern Quiff with Tapered Short Beard

If you want to rock a bit of face fuzz but aren’t 100% committed to the bearded life or aren’t quite as facially follicly blessed, this is a great option for you.

Our bud Julian at Barber and Barlow, which is on the Gold Coast, nailed this one, taking the fade down to the bone and then tapering in the short beard, leaving his client looking well kept while still slightly rugged.

This talented barber has added a ton of texture into the quiff and added the modern touch of a bald fade.

To keep the looking effortlessly casual, this cut has been styled with Uppercut Deluxe Clay. Clay is a unique product designed to tame hair short or long. The product grips and shapes hair effortlessly, it has the strength to defy natural hair movement to control even the toughest and most stubborn hair.

Paired with the bald fade, the short and tapered beard squares off the jawline creating a masculine silhouette.

While only short, beards like this still require some casual maintenance and attention. Using Beard Oil is important to keep the skin feeling healthy and to soften, condition, and nourish the beard hair.

Traditional, thicker oils don’t tend to be too effective in shorter beards and can sit on the skin for too long, leaving the skin feeling greasy and pores clogged. With this in mind, the Uppercut Deluxe Beard Oil was intentionally designed to be lightweight and non-greasy making it perfect for shorter beards.

To use Beard Oil, simply add two or three drops to your palm, spread between your hands, and then begin rubbing your hands through your beard. Massage the oil through the beard, paying particular attention to the root.

Beard Oil is designed to keep the beard looking and feeling healthy, while Beard Balm is made to keep the beard in shape.

Using Beard Balm is easy. Simply apply a button-sized amount to your palm, spread it across your hands, and being to work it into your beard. Pull down as you work the Balm through your beard, aiming to extend the curl. As the Balm begins to firm up, push the beard into shape.

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