Featured Style: Skin Fade Side Part

The Modern Gent's Go-To

Ahh, the Side Part. The most classic and timeless Men’s style of all. A gent’s bread and butter.

There are not many people out there that couldn’t pull of a Side Part. A well-dressed side part should complement the face drawing attention to the wearer’s eyes.

You may think of a side Part as nothing more than a ‘regular’ men’s haircut, but if you wear it right, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Check out this terrific Skin Fade Side Part from our friend Connor at CMC Barber, East Sussex.

Side Part

As you can see, a Side Part doesn’t have to be the regular men’s haircut or the combover your creepy uncle rocks.

For this cut, Connor has taken the fade to the bone, keeping it nice and tight. To really emphasis the parting, he’s opted for a ‘hard part’. A hard part is when the part line is shaved in, creating a clear distinction in the top and the sides (plus making it tonnes easier to style at home).

The beauty of a Side Part is its versatility. Use a High Shine product, like Deluxe Pomade, for the office or a Low Shine product like Matte Pomade for a more casual look at the pub. You could even change it up using Styling Powder or Matte Clay to create a more textured messy look if you feel like something new!

Recreating the side part at home is relatively simple, and once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be able to dial in the style in 30 seconds flat.

For this style, you’re going to want to start with towel-dried hair. Using your CT5 comb to get your hair roughly into shape. Next, take a generous scoop of your preferred Pomade and spread it evenly across your hands.

To apply the product to your hair, start by gently raking your fingertips through your hair, following the rough style you created earlier. As the product begins to grab, you can start applying a little more force with your hands into the hair. You want to ensure the product is spread thoroughly throughout your hair, with all of the hair covered. If you need more product to do this, take another scoop. The goal here is to ensure there isn’t a hair out of place, so the more product the better!

Here’s the tricky(er) part, though it’s not that hard. Use your comb to separate the part, pushing the length over to your preferred side. Then comb the parted or short side down, to get the hair out of the way. Next, use your comb to finesse the length and get it into shape, ensuring all areas are combed. Then, comb the fringe backwards at a slight angle, adding a little bit of volume at the front.

Finally, work the comb around the sides and back of your head, pulling the final hairs into place.

And there you have it, a tidy Side Part.

If you’re after some more visual instructions, check out this handy How-To.  

If you’re wanting this style, show this picture to your barber and ask for a;

- Classic side part

- 0/Skin/Bald Fade on the sides

- Little length left on top