Featured Style: Structured Side Part

A Structured Side Part is one nice haircut.

A Side Part is commonly referred to as a classic or an old school style, but truth be told, it’s never really fallen out of fashion!

The Side Part can be as varied as the men that wear them. At the moment, we at Uppercut Deluxe are really liking a side part paired with a low fade. But that’s just us! We’re seeing another resurgence in disconnects and undercuts coming out of the States. Who knows what the side part will look like next.

This particular example of a Side Part was cut by our friend Paul Hewitt of Black L’Amour Barbers, Brislington Hill Barbershop and Parts and Labour Barbers. Paul finished off the cut with a nice big dab of our traditional pomade – Monster Hold.

Uppercut Deluxe Side Part

Monster Hold is a fantastic option if you are looking for a product to use for your Side Part or Comb Over. Monster Hold takes the best parts of old-school traditional pomades, and combines them with modern men’s hair styling ingredients.

Monster Hold has a strong, re workable hold which means it will hold your hair in place all day long, but will also let you recomb and touch up as needed. This product has a healthy high shine, so it won’t leave your looking dry or flaky.

Being a wax-based product, Monster Hold can be difficult to remove. If you use Monster Hold (or any wax-based styling products for that matter), we strongly recommend that you invest in some Degreaser. Degreaser is a revolutionary men's shampoo that will remove any build up, leaving your hair fresh, clean and ready to be styled.

How to Style a Structured Side Part

Before styling, we always recommend washing your hair with Degreaser followed with Conditioner.

Once washed, towel dry your hair.

Take a CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb and find the natural parting of your hair, separate it from the rest of your hair using your palm. From here, you should have a clear line between the long and short hair.

Next take a generous scoop of Monster Hold from the tin and evenly distribute it across your hands. Continuing rubbing the product until it has emulsified.

Begin to smooth down the parted (short) side of your hair using a flat palm.

Next, rake your hands through the front and top of your hair to distribute the product.

Take your CT5 Comb and begin to comb your hair into place. Run the comb down the parted side, catching any flyways as you work. Comb your hair across your head into place.

To add a small quaff to the fringe, use the comb to pull the front section of your hair up and catch it with the spare hand, laying it down over the rest of your hair.

Finally, gently use your finger tips to push any sections or fly aways into shape.