Featured Style: Tapered Slick Back

This Tapered Slick Back is worn slightly looser than the old school slam back, and allows the user to add volume in the fringe to really personalize the style.

The Tapered Slick Back is a great option for someone wanting a style that doesn’t require the hair being combed precisely into shape and granting a little bit of extra freedom.

The best bit about this style is it can be finished however the wearer likes; it can be styled with a strong hold and high shine classic Pomade, a lightweight matte finish product like Easy Hold or, as in this example with a light hold and natural finish thanks to Foam Tonic.

How to style: Tapered Slick Back

To achieve the perfect Tapered Back, follow these steps.

Start with slightly damp hair and take two or three pumps of Foam Tonic, spreading the product through the hair ensuring the product is worked all the way into the roots.

Next, take a Quiff Roller or CT5 Comb and a hairdryer on medium heat, direct the hair backwards, brushing the hair into shape.

Finally, take another two or three pumps of Foam Tonic and apply to hair and comb through.

For more hold or shine, use another Uppercut Deluxe styling product such as Deluxe Pomade, Matte Pomade or Easy Hold to lock the style into place.