Featured Style: Textured and Tapered Throwback

For mid length hair, a Textured and Tapered Throwback is one of our favourite men’s hair styles. If you’ve been blessed with a light wave in your hair, and are patient enough to let it grow, this is a versatile style that will never let you down.

This haircut is great for men who are looking for something that is easy to style at home and can be worn at the bar or in the boardroom.

This example, cut by Max Moraud from Tiphaine le Barbier, is a perfect example of the Mid Length Throwback styled with Uppercut Deluxe Salt Spray.

Max told us the customer was wanting a ‘modern and practical cut’, and boy is that what he got!

Textured and Tapered Throwback


This Textured and Tapered Throwback is exactly what we designed our Salt Spray for. Salt Spray is a versatile men’s hair styling product that gives light control for a relaxed, textured hold all while maintain a natural finish.


Salt Spray is a great hair styling product for men that want no fuss styling, and only require light control.

Salt Spray gives your hair that ‘straight from the beach’ feeling and help your hair to sit just right.


Salt Spray, or Sea Salt Spray, can be used on its own, or as a ‘pre-styling’ product.

To use Salt Spray on its own, simply shake the can to activate ingredients and generously spray across the hair. Normally, 6 – 12 sprays should do it, but this will depend on your hair.

Next, depending on the desired result, rake the product through the hair using your hands, a CB11 Rake Comb or a Vent Brush.

For even better results, use a hair dryer on a medium heat to dry the product off and direct the hair into place.

If you need a little more control, these first steps are known as the ‘Pre-Styling’ process. To finish styling and to lock the look into place, use your preferred pomade. For a finish like in this example, we recommend Easy Hold or Clay.