Featured Style: Textured Curls

Depending how you look at them, curls can be a blessing or a curse.

If you like to look sharp and want to stay in control of hair, then this style might not be for you.

If you’re a no fuss kinda guy and happy to rock a casual style – then look no further.

Check out this example of Textured Curls by Uppercut Deluxe Collective Member and owner of Seven&One Studio, Todd Page.

Textured Curls | Uppercut Deluxe

Styling this cut is really simple, and the best part, you’ll only need one product – Salt Spray.

Salt Spray was inspired by customers that would come for a cut, straight from the surf. Their hair always seemed to comply – it sat perfectly, with just the right amount of wave, hold and texture. So, we set out to recreate this look and feeling for everyone who isn’t lucky enough to hit the beach on a regular basis.

After what seemed like years of testing, refinement and development, we perfected our Salt Spray.

Our Salt Spray comes with all the bells and whistles – a mystifying spray nozzle, an activating rattle and a Citrus & Wood fragrance that will be sure to get the attention of your beau.


To style your Textured Curls, simply give your hair a thorough towel dry and then a generous spritz of Salt Spray. Be sure to apply the product all the way through your hair, lift at sections to make sure you get the product all the way through to the roots.

To finish, use your fingertips to scrunch at sections and work the product through. Finesse your style picking at curls.

And there you have it, the perfect finish to your casual Textured Curls.