Franck's Fight Wrap Up

On Saturday 9th February 2019, Uppercut Deluxe hosted a memorable charity event in aid of The Grand Appeal. Having a loved one diagnosed with cancer puts everything into perspective. The Uppercut Deluxe family was devastated when close friend, Paul Hewitt, found out his son, Franck, had been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. As soon as news reached Uppercut Deluxe, a plan was formulated to put together an event that celebrated everything that Franck loves, raise some money for The Grand Appeal and deliver a hefty blow to cancer.

In the legendary House of Vans venue, under Waterloo Station, a close-knit community of skaters, punks, barbers and an assortment of life’s good people gathered together to put on a fundraising event to remember.

The event was split into different areas to showcase all the things important to Franck. One tunnel featured an Uppercut Deluxe barbershop, featuring a three-chair pop-up barbershop. Uppercut Deluxe ambassadors and multiple guest barbers dished out sharp cuts to anyone and everyone. You wouldn’t find a better-groomed audience anywhere.

Skaters laid ruins to the bowl all day, and well into the night, Justin Burnout and the team from Lost Hope Tattoos permanently marked the event on skin with designs from a bespoke flash sheet, paying homage to the man of the hour.

Despite his tough battle, Franck was in attendance flanked by the entire Hewitt family. The Hewitt's were humbled by the show of support from the packed-out venue. Franck swaggered around House of Vans like a rock star and was treated like one too. The little dude even got his own temporary tattoos and had a spin on the mini ramp.

The night was taken to a different level courtesy of Shikari Sound System, Slaves, Professor Green and Howard Lawrence (Disclosure). Each artist evelated the vibe, with Professor Green spitting bars hard to Shikari Sound Systems trademark mix of punk and electro. By the end of the night, you couldn’t find a pair of feet rooted to the floor.

Franck’s Fight summarised perfectly what Uppercut Deluxe is all about. It’s not just a grooming brand, it’s way of life and a family that supports its friends. This was one night that put everything in perspective and helped everyone to focus on the big picture.