George Coady Opens Trait Barbershop

George Coady Trait Barbershop

George Coady has been an Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador since 2016 and we’ve watched him go from strength to strength.

In September of 2021 he opened the doors to his own shop, Trait Barbershop, in Kenilworth, England UK.

George is renowned for his attention to detail when he’s cutting, so we expected nothing less from his debut barbershop.

We recently went to check out Trait and caught up with George:

Uppercut: Hey George. Tell us a little bit about yourself:
George: I’m the owner of Trait Barbershop and Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador. I’ve been a barber for 8 years now.

Uppercut: When/how did you start working with Uppercut Deluxe?
George: My journey with Uppercut Deluxe began right at the start of my barbering career after using the products for myself and then taking them into the shop I was working in at the time.

Uppercut: When did you open the doors to Trait Barbershop? Was it a tough journey?
George: Trait Barbershop officially opened in September 2021. It’s never easy taking that first leap into starting your own business/brand. There was a lot of hard work and sleepless nights but it’s been so worth it.

Uppercut: What’s the most popular haircut request for you at the moment?
George: Crops are still very much in style as are the short, classic hairstyles. Most clients are requesting that more natural, textured look now.

Uppercut: What’s your Favourite UD product to work with?
George: I really like the Easy Hold, I find it very versatile for achieving a natural, looser finish whether it’s a short or longer style. Try blow drying it into damp hair for an even more perfect finish!

Uppercut: Any trend predictions for 2022?
George: I’d like to see more longer styles coming back. I think 2022 could be the year.

Uppercut: What tunes are you spinning in Trait at the moment?
George: Tom Misch is getting a lot of airtime at the moment.

Uppercut: Well we’re huge fans of your work here at Uppercut. How can people find you on Social Media to check out your work and keep up to date with Trait?
George: My personal hair IG is @georgecoadyhair and the shop IG can be found @trait_barbershop

Trait Barbershop Shopfront