Featured Style: Loose Throwback


If you haven’t had the chance to visit your local barber since the COVID induced lockdowns, and you didn’t take clippers to it yourself, your hair is no doubt longer than you are used to.

If you’ve wanted to try a longer style, this is going to be the best chance you’ll probably ever get, and our advice? Go with the flow.

Uppercut Deluxe - Loose Throwback

Check out this longer Loose Throwback, cut by Uppercut Deluxe Collective member and owner of Old Town Barbers Margate, Callum Francis.

This Loose Throwback embodies all that is great about longer hair; natural flow, movement and volume.

A Throwback is a great option for someone seeking a versatile look. A nicely cut Throwback can also be slicked back with a product like Deluxe Pomade. 

Growing your hair long is a process, it requires time and patience. If you don’t want to look like a shaggy dog for months on end until your hair is finally long enough to achieve the style you are after, we still recommend visiting your barber regularly to get cleaned up. Consult with your barber, let them know that you wanting to grow your hair out and figure out a plan on how you’re going to get the style you’re after.

A skilled barber will be able to make sure you still look sharp while you grow your hair out. Maybe it’s just cleaning up around the edges and ears, or maybe adding a little texture to the top for added style.

Styling longer hair into a flowy style is far different to a short, tight style. Rather than quickly applying Pomade to your hair and shaping it into place with a comb, you’ll need to get familiar with a hairdryer and lighter weight products, like Easy Hold or Styling Powder.

To achieve this featured style, we’d recommend using a combination of Salt Spray and Easy Hold.

First, towel dry your hair, then generously spray your hair with Salt Spray before picking up the hairdryer. Using Salt Spray as a pre-styler will help achieve and maintain shape, while also protecting your hair from heat from the hairdryer.

Next, pick up your hairdryer and Quiff Roller. Use the hairdryer to direct your hair backwards, use the quiff roller to add tension to create volume.

Once your style is loosely in place, scoop a generous amount of Easy Hold from the tin and spread it across your hands. When applying the Easy Hold to your hair, gently rake the product with your fingertips so as not to overload the hair

Finally, if you want a neater finish, comb the hair into the perfect position with a Rake Comb.

Easy, right? Well, maybe not – but with some practise, you’ll have the longer, loose look you’ve been wanting.

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Looking for some extra tips on growing your hair out? Here are our tips for growing out your hair;

  • Keep it clean. Wash your hair every second or third day.
  • Condition. Use Conditioner every day to keep your hair healthy
  • Visit your barber. Get your barber to keep it tidy while it grows.
  • Style accordingly. As your hair grows, you're going to need to change up your style from your go-to.
  • Use the right product. Use the right product for the length of your hair.
  • BE PATIENT. Growing your hair takes a long time, you've got to stick it out!