Low And Tight Side Part - How To Cut

This style has evolved from the classic styles of the 1950’s where a short back and sides became a common request in the barbershop. The basis of this haircut is the low fade and the tight finish which highlights the top section of the hair. The top section is left slightly longer to allow for styling and providing that final shape to the look. The side part gives the hairstyle definition and a touch of good old fashioned class.

How To Cut A Low and Tight Side Part




In order to nail this style, length needs to be maintained through the top section of the hair as well as the fringe. Secondly, the back and sides need to be finely sculpted, using the clipper over comb technique to assure an even fade or gradient from bottom to top, leaving slightly more length in the hair as you move upward. This creates a tight look, complimented by the styling of the Modern Pompadour, essentially highlighting the top section of the hair and the polished look of this style.


Why Choose Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold?

Different styles and types of hair call for different styling products, which is why Uppercut Deluxe has designed a range to suit various men’s haircuts, from short hair and textured looks, to long hair and refined styles.

Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold is designed to give a slick and refined finish to hair. It provides a heavy and strong hold with a medium shine finish, reflective of classic men’s hairstyling. However, the product is versatile and can be adapted to many styling techniques. Our monster hold works better with slightly longer hair and is petroleum based so you can restyle throughout the day and maintain the hold.

Wholesaler Application

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