Monster Hold Christmas Combo Kit

Shopping for a guy who needs brutal staying power to keep his look in shape? If so, the Monster Hold Combo Kit is the ultimate gift for him.

Monster Hold is perfect shaping for all styles - although it is ideal for styles that require hardcore control and precision.

This Combo Kit includes a tin of Monster Hold, a CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb and a bottle of our wash essentials – Everyday Shampoo and Everyday Conditioner (as well as a collectable Uppercut Deluxe tin).

Inside the Combo Kit

Monster Hold

Monster Hold is an extra powerful, sweat resistant wax that has been created specifically for challenging styles that require extra hold & grip. Monster Hold has a natural beeswax scent and will leave hair locked in shape with a waxy, high-shine finish. One use will have hair looking good for days (although we are advocates for the occasional shower).

Getting this product just right took countless hours of testing and research - when the Uppercut Deluxe team finalised the product, they were genuinely scared at just how good it was (thus the name Monster Hold).

CT5 Comb

This pocket-size comb is super easy to use & performs well across a range of hair types, lengths and styles. To make styling long and short hair as easy as possible, this comb has 2 teeth widths.

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Everyday Shampoo

Everyday Shampoo smells great and prepares all hair types for the best styling results. This Shampoo is infused with licorice and menthol, so it invigorates hair and scalp without leaving hair limp. For best results, Uppercut Deluxe Everyday Shampoo should be used every day along with Everyday Conditioner.

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Everyday Conditioner

Uppercut Deluxe Everyday Conditioner is light, hydrating and specially crafted to moisturise and protect men’s hair. This Conditioner is infused with olive leaf extract, so it invigorates, soothes and leaves hair feeling and smelling fresh.

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Get the Monster Hold Combo Kit

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