Natural Slick Back with Taper with Scott Jennings

A Natural Slick Back is a style that every guys has wanted AT LEAST once in their life. Cool and casual, but with an element of class and sophistication, this cut oozes style.

In this video, Scott Jennings from North West Barber Co, makes this cut look too easy and makes us want to hit the barbershop right now.

Scott adds flow to the hair to keep it all looking natural and easy, but smartens the look up with tight tapers on the neck and temple.

In the video Scott explains why he uses Foam Tonic before  he is the blow drying  the hair, and for a style like this, it’s obvious that it is a huge help. Foam Tonic not only protects the hair from the incoming heat of the blow dryer, but also adds a nice light hold to encourage the hair to keep the shape.

To finish the style, Scott ads a dusting of Styling Powder to give the hair a bit of extra hold, while remaining pliable and maintaining the natural finish.