Scotty Stopnik at Salton Sea

Pulling Scotty Stopnik out of the garage can be a hard task. After a few years working with the man, we’ve started to slow figure out what makes him tick.

Being a family man through and through, the quickest way to get him away from work are his beautiful wife and kids. Unfortunately for us, we don’t always have the same pull as them.
The second quickest way is another one which is out of our control, good waves. Scotty is always down for a surf, and there is no doubt when the waves are on he is the first in the water.
Mother nature isn’t always on our side and the ocean being a fickle beast, it’s tough to plan ahead for this one. Though, the other card up our sleeve is always a winner.
Asking Scotty to come for a ride is one way we can always pull him out of Cycle Zombies HQ. On this particular occasion we asked fellow Ambassador JJ Wessels along to document Scotty taking his latest project, Gang Green out for a spin and a quick skate at Salton Sea. Boy, are we glad we did.