Textured And Disconnected Slick Back - How To Cut

This style is a modern twist on something classic. The Slick Back has its origins in eras gone by, but the Disconnect gives it a new dimension and brings the style right into the modern day. The Textured & Disconnected Slick Back is a style we’re seeing more and more, particularly in Europe from some of the top barbers out there.

It’s a style that’s super wearable every day and versatile enough to be worn differently to suit the needs of the guy in the chair. It can be worn loose and textured with height, or low and slicked back. There are so many things to get right and a lot of techniques involved to make a good cut look great – the fade has to be high enough and smooth enough; the length on the top has to be just right at the fringe and back; the hairline has to be strong. We know its not easy, so we’ve tried to help just a little with this video tutorial. Luke Dolan has some serious skills – keep watching until you’ve got everything you need.

How to Cut and Style a Textured & Disconnected Slick Back by Uppercut Deluxe

Why choose Uppercut Deluxe Matte Clay

Different guys have different styles. Not everyone wants a super groomed and slick style. Some guys want rough, textured, messy looking styles. Some guys want both. But not at the same time. Following from Deluxe Pomade and FeatherweightMatte Clay was a very natural fit to the Uppercut Deluxe family – once again breaking rules and norms across conventional hair products. The founders of Uppercut Deluxe realized quickly that short messy styles had become the new modern classic – old school barbers were losing out to the mainstream that could give those guys what they wanted. This product became a way of giving something back to the barber – a way of modernizing this classic trade and broadening what was possible.