Uppercut Deluxe at Architects SSE Arena Wembley

On Saturday, Uppercut Deluxe partnered with some of the biggest names in alternative music to host a pop-up barbershop at the Architects show at the SSE Arena, Wembley.

Barbers prepped, ready to deliver a series of fresh cuts to band members, crew, friends and family so that everyone was ready for the show, and ready to head bang.

Pop Up barber

Luke Hallows of Black L’amour in Brighton, and Connor McLeod of Goodman’s barbershop, were the barbers who stepped up to the plate.  The dudes quickly showed their skills of the trade, smashing out cuts for the infamous Sam Carter and Caleb Shomo, to be seen by a crowd for 10,000 alternative music fans.

Architects delivered a set full of their trademark anthemic songs, both heavy and melodic in equal measure. So, whilst Uppercut Deluxe handled things backstage, Architects, Beartooth & Polaris delivered some epic music to fans in arguably one of the biggest metal shows the UK will see this year.

During the show, Sam Carter showed support for Paul Hewitt’s son, Franck (5), wo is currently bravely battling cancer. No one expected the ending of the show to lead to a moment that saw the entire crowd come together in an incredible movement of unity with Sam Cater leading 10,000 fans through a chorus of ‘Franck’ chants. This was the highlight and a very special moment for all in attendance, and especially for Paul Hewitt, a close friend of the Uppercut Deluxe family.



Architects crowd

Architects cutting

Sam Carter