Uppercut Deluxe Barbershop Takeover

On Saturday the 16th of February Uppercut Deluxe joined forces with Deus for their 12th instalment of the Deus Surf Swap event in Noosa.

The weather was in our favor, setting the scene for a great day out. In the early hours of the morning dudes rocked in with all types of boards from vintage loves to new age designs, ready for the bidding wars to come. 

On the other side of the compound we set up shop taking over a Noosa favorite for the day, Sip Sops Barbershop. By lunchtime word had spread about free haircuts and the lineup was quick to be filled with customers eager to get freshened up.

All walks of life came through that day turning salty locks into slick backs – for free! You could guarantee you were coming out looking fresh thanks to the barbers of Sip Sops & Uppercut Deluxe.

If you weren’t in the business for swapping boards that day you also had the pleasure of witnessing Mr. Thomas Bexon proudly standing in his shaping bay, tools in hand, ready to give eager patrons a glimpse of him in action.

Later in the afternoon as the crowd grew & beers got flowing, we witnessed a sneak peak to Deus’s latest adventure film “Death Rides a Horse”, which set the mood for the remainder of the night filled with live music, great food, good company and guaranteed memories (plus a few sore heads the next morning).

Thanks again to the Deus team, dudes at Sip Sops and the legend Thomas Bexon for a great event!