Does this Jersey look strangely familiar to you? It should, it's that Hometown Jersey you all wanted but couldn't have. Until now! Late 2016 we had the awesome folk at Hometown Jersey produce a limited run of custom jerseys which we gifted them to our Global Team of Lifestyle Ambassadors.  The deserving recipients were Eric Dressen, JJ Wessels, The Stopniks (Scotty, Taylor, Big Scott, Chase and Turk) Mason Dyer, TJ Guzzardi, Matty Chjonacki, Nick Wallace and Jim 'Buster' Culling.) Now's your chance to join this group of elite rulers and grab your own. When we placed the order we tacked on a few additional units for safe keeping.  Miraculously, we've been able to keep them out of reach of the office dwelling vultures that we call staff. But as they circle dangerously closer to these treasured goods,  we knew it was time to set these free for sale on our web store.  


When we say limited we really aren't kidding, there are literally 10 units up for grabs across the globe. The available size runs are listed below so as much as it pains us use jargon like 'be quick' or 'these wont last long' it really is the truth. 1 x Med, 4 x Large, 4 x Extra Large, 1 x Extra Extra Large (Yeah that's Globally)  


The Striped Sleeve Jersey features a solid black body with black and cream striped sleeves. 100% Made in the USA. The customised red Uppercut Deluxe lettering is hand stitched for a completely custom jersey. Made of fine gauge 100% heavy cotton knit, the Striped Sleeve Jersey is super comfortable and gets better with age. Because the felt lettering is wool, we recommend laundering in cold water, shake it out and throw over a chair to dry.  


Hometown Jerseys are dedicated to replicating the Vintage aesthetic that inspired their brand and prodcuts. The fits are also reflective of the era of thier inspirations Ie. THEY WILL NOT FIT LIKE MODERN GARMENTS, please reference the below guidance and size chart taken from the the Hometown Jersey website before purchasing. "Hometown Jersey is cut like a vintage motorcycle jersey. If you have long arms, the sleeve will be at 3/4 length as it is supposed to be. If you don't have long arms, the sleeves will fit like a regular long sleeve. The length of our jersey is shorter than most modern shirts today. All part of the characteristics that make the Hometown Jersey the great looking authentic garment that it is. You can see our size chart here. "


Please note,  depending on your location, Jerseys may have to be shipped internationally , therefore understand shipping may take slightly longer than usual orders. Shipping on all Home Town Jersey orders are FREE OF CHARGE.


Hometown Jersey is a reflection of original shirts worn for car and motorcycle racing, for advertising and for celebrating hometown pride as far back as the 1930's through the 1960's. Reminiscent of vintage racing jerseys and t-shirts, our high quality garments feature felt lettering stitched on by hand, in house, to represent your hometown, your car or motorcycle club, your business, band or your favorite hobby. 100% Made in the USA.  Each made to order.